Sunday, January 24, 2010

Biology teacher.

What does this crazy girl do again? I'm gonna be a biology teacher for smk teluk bahang start from tomorrow. I'm gonna mad of biology since i have to be a teacher for form 4 and form 5 teacher. I'm gonna operate mice. Gonna use visky tube to test the glucose cross the membrane. I'm gonna be a very2 buzy single teacher here... Huhu.. How i'm gonna to be?

This evening i sms my last mentor while i did my practical at smk putrajaya p16 ask for her advise. I also called my sis in law asked for her SBPI module to improve the SPM result for biology. I think this is not as easy as seeing my smile. I'm not going to be a teacher that my students HATE for the whole their life because of biology... ermmm who can give me the best idea and experience to be the best biology teacher? Friends please help me...

I love u all my little sis and friends. Hope u all fine.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At teluk Bahang and Batu Ferringhi

Assalamualaikum wbt.

This is my 3rd week after i had registered to my first posting school. Many life experience i have faced. Very interesting. Life as a teacher, life as a career woman, life as a teacher and life as a slave to our Allah. Every day facing my student, there are something missing in their eyes. Teluk Bahang... well the answer is there. InsyaAllah. My dad sms me on the first day i stepped to school.

Sahaja aku ke sekolah pada hari ini kerana Allah... Amin

oh actually i forgot to tell everyone that i was not posting at bukit jambut but at teluk bahang. Near to Batu Ferringhi. I know about that when i got for the seminar from JPN Penang.